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Space Kids – The Journey of Hope

Space Kids The Journey of Hope cover

This uplifting story inspires children to believe in themselves and reach for the stars. See the TikTok trailer below.

In the year 2068, scientists at Space Command, the global space organisation, want to learn how children manage in space without adults. They advertise for a leader for the first-ever child-only mission.

12-year-old Sophie Williams is struggling to fit in at her new secondary school. At night, she is troubled by recurring nightmares. She misses her dad, who died two years ago, and would do anything to make him proud.

Following a selection process that pushed Sophie to her limits, she eventually finds herself strapped into the enormous spaceship. Her daunting job is to lead three other talented children, a robot and a dog to a distant star system.

Little did Sophie realise the discoveries they would make, the dangers they would face, or that her dreams, her father and the mission were all connected.

Sophie – Captain

Audiobook now available!

Space Kids – The Journey of Hope is now available as an audiobook, narrated by the fantastic Penny Scott Andrews of Bespoken Voices.


Of course, we all think Space Kids is great, but don’t take our word for it. Check out these independent reviews:

“As a fan of quality YA books, I was blown away by Space Kids. The way my memory works, I compare every YA book today to Escape From Witch Mountain. That book was the best book I read as a kid. I can’t express how much I would have loved to have read Space Kids as a child. Simply put, this is the best YA book written in the last forty years.

There is no child who won’t simply adore this book. There is no bullying *which there should NEVER be any bullying in any YA book ever* and the lessons are apparent. The story is such fun to read. The premise is done brilliantly to hook every reader. This YA book is so good that even adults will love this book.

Brilliantly written and described the book flows. The story is full of adventure and excitement. The children learn to overcome challenges in a positive way as they accomplish their dreams. I can’t wait to read the second part of this story. This team – including Codey and Biggles – must soar into space again. When that happens, it will be a must-read. Buy this book for your child. Buy this book for yourself. Simply an incredible book that needs to be a runaway bestseller. A book of the year award candidate already.

5+++ stars”

NN Lights Book Heaven

Sahil – Scientist

“This is the perfect read for kids and adults like. It was fun, inspiring, and especially empowering for young girls with dreams of doing something big with their life. 4/5”

Ariel – TheBookView.com, book blogger

Leena – Pilot

“It made me feel really happy that middle-grade books nowadays are inclusive and not just in a way to add supporting characters from marginalised sections. 5/5”

Alex – The shadow girl, book blogger

Jack – Engineer

“The author’s creative juice drips from every single page. If it could excite a full-grown adult like me, I’m very sure that the children would find it the same way. 5/5”

Siddharth C, Book reviewer

Biggles – Head of Wellbeing

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You’ll find Space Kids at the links below.

Ebook (free on Kindle Unlimited), Paperback or Hardcover:


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